After suffering a debilitating stroke and partial paralysis at age nine, Tristan used his creative expression as an outlet for dealing with the often painful attention of classmates. Today, as a fashion designer and advocate for sickle cell, Tristan is letting his art do the talking for him – all the way to New York Fashion Week.


“In becoming an advocate, I realized that this is my purpose. Spreading sickle cell awareness is really my life’s calling and why I’m actually here.”

— Tristan

It Takes A Village - The Power of Sickle Cell Community

At a young age, Tristan learned the importance of building a network that included family members, healthcare providers, local and national advocacy organizations, and others who provided information on sickle cell and support throughout his sickle cell journey.

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Tristan’s Truth: Conquering SCD Misconceptions

Tristan learned the importance of early and proactive care at a young age and created a treatment plan to help manage his sickle cell. Understanding sickle cell enabled him to advocate for himself and overcome misconceptions. He lives by the words: I have sickle cell, sickle cell does not have me.

Overcoming Misconceptions