DeMitrious is a college graduate, caterer, and musician with sickle cell. He discusses the challenges of managing the disease living alone as a single man. He knows he must take care of himself. He’s learned to listen to his body. He shares strategies for good management of the disease, and how hemoglobin plays a role in how he feels.


“I’m a sickle cell soldier, and I have to live accordingly.”

— DeMitrious

Understanding Anemia

DeMitrious discusses the importance of hemoglobin and its important role in the body. He explains how the shape of sickle cells versus healthy, round cells, impact the cells’ ability to carry oxygen in the body. Fatigue is one of the effects of anemia, which is a condition that you have when you have too few healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues.

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DeMitrious' truth: Managing Fatigue

One of the impacts of sickle cell that affects DeMitrious’ daily life is fatigue. Self-monitoring and self-care play big roles in DeMitrious’ life. Despite his hopeful outlook, he’s suffered complications from the disease and knows he’s at risk for more. He has developed strategies to help him keep his health on track.

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