Further Reading

Further Reading

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Check out interesting articles and websites that talk about sickle cell.

Information about complications, symptoms, and treatment

Sickle Cell Anemia and Fatigue is a website outlining causes, research, and management tips for fatigue.

National Marrow Donor Program provides an explanation of and risks and benefits of bone marrow transplant options.

Articles on the social realities of sickle cell

“Sickle Cell Disease Highlights Racial Disparities in Healthcare”

“Living with Unpredictable Pain”

“Fighting misconceptions about Sickle Cell Disease in the ER”

“Sickle Cell Patients Seek Respect”

Other resource:

“Evidence-based management of Sickle Cell Disease” is a very comprehensive (161-page) expert panel report. It contains useful information about understanding sickle cell and empowering yourself for going into the medical environment.