Leslie-Ann is an active college student with a full life. She has experienced a lack of awareness in the Latino community about sickle cell and faces challenges when explaining sickle cell to her Spanish-speaking family. The artist, aspiring model, and Latin Dance team member is proactive in her healthcare. She dreams of a pain-free future where she can pursue a career in nursing.


“When you know your numbers you know how to better take care of yourself.”

— Leslie-Ann

The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers

Leslie-Ann knows that it’s important to know your numbers. She explains that she visits her hematologist frequently. Together they review her lab work and monitor any changes. Even though she’s busy, she stays on top of managing her health.

Know Your Numbers

Leslie-Ann’s truth: Transitioning to Adult Care

Leslie-Ann is actively pursuing her dreams in college, but she did have to take her sickle cell into account when making plans for the future. Having access to good sickle cell care was an important factor in deciding where to go to college. Her mom was worried about this transition, but Leslie-Ann has learned how to manage her health for herself now. Learn more about the transition from pediatric to adult care with sickle cell.

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