Khadeejah is soft spoken yet composed. She shares her experience of having to get regular blood transfusions as a way of managing and treating her sickle cell. Because she receives them so frequently, she has a port, which is a device that allows the doctors to do the transfusion more quickly and easily. She is planning on having a surgery soon to get her fourth port installed. She is filled with gratitude to have the support of her friends who check in on her.


“I have a very good support system, which is my mom and my grandma. They tell me everything’s going to be okay, and they just comfort me.”

— Khadeejah

Understanding the complications of Sickle Cell

Khadeejah undergoes regular blood transfusions because she had a stroke when she was 7 years old. Strokes are one of the complications of sickle cell. A stroke happens when blood flow to part of the brain is blocked. Khadeejah’s life has been shaped by her sickle cell, but she has listened to her doctors and is getting proper medical care to manage her complications and live a full life.

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Khadeejah’s Truth: Giving back, not giving up

Khadeejah has plans to pursue chemistry as a career. She’s interested in this field because she wants to give back to the sickle cell community by developing new medical innovations. Her hopes and goals for the future are inspirational. When she’s older, she’ll need to prepare for her role and contributions in the workplace.

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