Elle knows the importance of early and proactive care for her daughter, Laila’s sickle cell. She started educating Laila at an early age to help her understand what is going on in her body. This led Elle to advocate for sickle cell and develop educational materials for kids.


“As a caregiver, you can become an advocate immediately by doing the research, getting to know the healthcare team and learning how to be proactive in caring for your loved one with sickle cell.”

— Elle

Managing Sickle Cell

Elle stays proactive in her daughter, Laila’s care by having a team of doctors and specialists on call to help guide her when she needs them. Elle involves Laila in her doctor’s appointments to encourage her active participation in her healthcare.

Managing Sickle Cell

Elle’s Truth: Importance of Early & Proactive Care

At an early age, Elle taught her daughter, Laila, about sickle cell. She began with simple terms that she continues to build upon to help Laila better understand what is going on in her body and how sickle cell could affect her. In doing so, Elle can help Laila develop a routine that helps her manage her life with sickle cell.

Understand the Impact of Sickle Cell