Cortney is a busy nursing student who has found her voice and used it to advocate for herself. She uses her voice to promote education, awareness, and understanding of sickle cell. She doesn’t seek special treatment, or a lower standard, just compassion and respect. She discusses a childhood with sickle cell, dealing with prejudice, and fighting for her education. She has been a source of strength for her family and an inspiration to others.


“I’m most proud of myself for just not giving up.”

— Cortney

Understanding How Hemoglobin Affects Your Health

Cortney’s hemoglobin levels can drop really low, which can mean that she needs a blood transfusion. Hemoglobin are the protein molecules in your blood that carry oxygen throughout your body. Learn how your hemoglobin affects your health.

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Cortney’s truth: Building a Career

Complications from sickle cell threatened to derail Cortney’s education. She endured childhood pain crises, pneumonia, acute chest syndrome, and gallbladder removal. Cortney was homeschooled her junior and senior years of high school so that she could prioritize her health, but graduated on time with flying colors. She shares her difficulties and triumphs as a nursing student with plans to help children with sickle cell. Soon she’ll have to prepare for the work place.

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