Amatullah is a young adult, but she gives an impressive and comprehensive description of the science of sickle cell. She eloquently explains the different kinds of blood cells and what can happen in a person’s body who has sickle cell. Amatullah also shares her enthusiasm for gymnastics, soccer, and art. She loves sports and even wanted to play on the football team because she’s just that fearless.


“You shouldn’t just put one young adult in a category with a bunch of other people, because they’re not the same. It’s just like every person: they all have different traits, different characteristics.”

— Amatullah

Understanding Sickle Cell

Amatullah shares her wealth of knowledge about sickle cell. She discusses the differences between healthy red blood cells and sickled red blood cells. And she explains how sickle cell can cause pain in someone’s body. Learn more about Sickle Cell and how it can affect your body.

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Amatullah’s Truth: Going against the stigma grain

Amatullah fights against the stigma that young adults with sickle cell can’t live normal lives. She feels like there is a stereotype that kids with sickle cell spend all of their time in the hospital and are too sick to do activities. She’s a living example that that stereotype isn’t necessarily true. Learn about other misconceptions about sickle cell and how to deal with them.

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